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Kjśrulf family members from around the world have a family reunion called KIERMEET every 4 years.

All Kjśrulf's descending from Anders Kjśrulf born 1400 in Denmark can participate in Kiermeet meetings.


Some participants at Kiermeet 2014 in Denmark and Sweden

Dear cousin Kjaerulf and family

The Kjaerulf family is an old and a very large family. We are scattered around the world and it is our tradition to hold a family reunion, KIERMEET, somewhere on the globe every 4 years where we can meet, have fun and celebrate ourselves. If you have not participated before, this is an opportunity to have a unique experience. Only a few families around the world hold international family reunions and gather family members from so many countries as the Kjaerulfs.

This is a message from the chairman of the Kiermeet Committee (December 2016):

Hello Kierulff/Kierulf/Kjśrulff/ etc. family.

For Kiermeet 2018 we will embark on something a little bit different from prior Kiermeets. Since our prior board passed the baton in 2014, in light of making this transition a tad easier on us predecessors, we have decided to put together a family cruise. The focus will be more so on spending quality time with one another, getting to know each other better, in a relaxed, vacation-type experience. Registration and payments will be streamlined and most likely will go through the cruise liner directly. We have not come to a final decision on where in the world this cruise will take place, but we are open to suggestions. And of course, if we can manage to do this, it would be great to have our Kierulff family dinner together either in port just prior to the cruise, or on the ship itself with those of us that can attend. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

 -Cap Kierulff's grandson, Doug Kierulff.


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